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What kind of returns should I expect?

As with most investments returns vary and there is always risk. When we present any opportunities to you we will be transparent and review the specifics.  In general, we are focused on good cash flow and a strong equity position.  Our returns typically exceed the stock market.

How do I get my initial investment back?

Each of our opportunities has a planned exit strategy that is specific to the investment. The typical range is 3-7 years and will be discussed with you. You may also receive monthly, quarterly or annual payments based on the deal and your investment preferences.

How often will I get paid from my investment?

We sit down with new investors to learn about their goals. From there we can present and structure deals that meet their needs. It is not uncommon to see monthly or quarterly distributions.

How do I track my returns and performance?

We track each investment in house and will have planned meetings to review updates with investors. You can also reach out to our investor liaison for any questions.

How will I be taxed?

We will report all investment distributions as state and federal law dictate. Please consult a tax professional for specifics.

What is the risk of investing outside of my city?

We have found the best returns are in emerging markets, not always in our backyard. Before we enter a market, we do market analysis looking at things like job growth, unemployment, economic directions, new companies, expanding companies, population trends and many other indicators. We do our homework to minimize and mitigate any risk.

Who manages the properties?

We hire professional management companies to manage our multi-family properties. We meet with the management company regularly and serve as the asset manager to ensure the investment and our interests are being well served.

How can I trust you?

You can trust that we will always operate with integrity and transparency. We are investors ourselves and typically we will be investing in the same deals we offer you!

What's the most I can make?

Each investment opportunity is different. Once you are an accredited investor, you will have an opportunity to review each investment package. The investment package will detail the plan and what each investor can expect to make.

Why are you bringing on partners?

Investing in real estate is a team game. We always have multiple opportunities for sound investments and this allows us to participate in more deals.

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